AMD reveals a full stack of shiny new Ryzen laptop processors, supercharged with AI

Hot on the heels of a catty attack from Intel, AMD has just announced the next lineup of Ryzen processors that we’ll be seeing in next year’s best laptops – a whopping nine new chips, all bearing the Ryzen 8040 name and equipped with AMD’s ‘XDNA’ AI technology.

The new processors, codenamed ‘Hawk Point’, are already on their way to laptop manufacturers and will be available in new devices in early 2024. All of them will use AMD’s Zen 4 CPU core architecture and RDNA 3 graphics architecture, with the flagship being the Ryzen 9 8945HS (catchy, I know). I was pleased to see that AMD isn’t ditching the low-spec chips either, with a quad-core Ryzen 3 8440U set to bring the XDNA neural engine to more affordable laptops.