BMW’s Neue Klasse X gives us a glimpse of its next electric crossovers – just don’t call it an SUV

BMW has revealed the second of its BMW Group Vision Vehicles in the highly futuristic form of the Neue Klasse X – a concept that joins the sleek and stylish Neue Klasse saloon to provide a hint of what we can expect from an upcoming iX3 replacement.

This mid-sized SUV is dubbed a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) by its makers, distancing itself from some of the obvious off-road-inspired design cues with a more approachable, practical, everyday proposition that its designer, Adrian van Hooydonk, says gives it the “robustness and presence of an SUV, just in a much cleaner way”.

The front of the concept sees a return of the classic BMW kidney grille of the 1970s and 80s, which has since grown to almost comedic proportions in more recent vehicles, but has now been pared back to “compliment the upright stance of the Neue Klasse X,” according to van Hooydonk.

(Image credit: BMW)

High-definition cameras on slender stalks replace analogue wing mirrors, while an all-new light signature at the front and rear both feature.