Computer RAM gets biggest upgrade in 25 years but it may be too little, too late — LPCAMM2 won’t stop Apple, Intel and AMD from integrating memory directly on the CPU

Today’s computers use either SO-DIMM or Low-power DDR (LPDDR) RAM. LPDDR surpasses DDR5 in terms of speed and comes in a form factor that reduces power and footprint while enhancing performance. However, LPDDR memory isn’t modular and must be soldered onto the motherboard, meaning replacing it for repairs or upgrades isn’t practical. 

CAMM is a new form factor for laptop RAM that has just been adopted by the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association and given the name CAMM2. This technology is thinner and faster than the SO-DIMM standard, promising a speed boost for future laptops. That’s not the only advantage to it though.