Deadpool 3: Marvel movie release date, confirmed cast, plot rumors, and more

Deadpool 3: key information

– Releasing in theaters worldwide in late July
– Only MCU movie due out this year
– Will be Marvel’s first R-rated movie
– Trailer expected to air during 2024 Super Bowl
– Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are its co-leads
– Numerous other cast members revealed
– Lots of speculation concerning cameo appearances
– No official plot synopsis yet
– Will be another multiverse-centric film
– Rumored to be a celebration of Fox’s defunct X-Men cinematic universe
– Could set up future Marvel multiverse story threads

We never expected Deadpool 3 to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) savior-in-waiting, but here we are.

The only Marvel movie set to be released in 2024, it’s being billed as the MCU’s great hope following a year that included two box office bombs, a TV show dubbed the worst thing that Marvel has ever made, and plenty of other negative press. With Ryan Reynolds’ fan-favorite turn as the Merc With a Mouth finally set to make his MCU bow – among other potentially mouth-watering elements, which we’ll get into – Deadpool 3 has been christened as the Marvel Phase 5 movie that’ll revive the MCU. No pressure, then.