Digital adoption platforms can realize generative AI’s full potential

Generative AI is shaping how professionals work – and doing so more quickly than anyone could have expected. While generative AI is new to the workplace, AI already powers many of the apps businesses use every day in a broader sense – from transcribing video calls and processing expenses, to checking documents for spelling and grammar.

These new generative AI apps are having a huge impact on productivity, but they come with risks. First, there are security risks that stem from employees inputting sensitive data into these apps which could lead to data security breaches. There’s also a risk that all these new apps added to workflows will cause confusion which is the opposite of the desired effect. Indeed, it would be easy for people to feel overwhelmed in this constant state of digital change. How can businesses help staff keep on top of the evolving digital landscape – and make the most of the tools they have been given in a secure way?

Uzi Dvir

Something has to change