Forget OLED TVs – I review projectors and these 5 holiday deals are serious upgrades

Screen sizes of the best TVs get bigger every year. If you think I’m exaggerating, it’s now possible to buy an OLED TV as large as 97 inches, though a screen that size will run you up to $30,000. Price is a big reason I’m a fan of projectors, which can deliver a 120-inch or larger image at a much lower cost.

While TVs get the most attention during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales season, you can also find big discounts on some of the best 4K projectors, and some of those carry over into the holiday sales. With the right projector, you can upgrade your TV viewing setup to a serious home theater, so such deals are well worth seeking out. Below are the best projector deals I’ve found during my scans of retailer sites in the US.