I held the future of data storage in my hands and it couldn’t look weirder – 2024 could be the year DNA storage goes mainstream and it couldn’t come sooner

This is a hands-on “review” like no other. This is a product that has no equivalent right now and yet is so limited in scope that there’s no real market for it. Don’t underestimate its impact though: DNA storage is the future of data storage and it can’t be otherwise given the current rate of growth of global data production, new use cases like generative AI and how much power is associated with producing and storing bytes.

TechRadar Pro has written extensively about this exciting new medium and I believe that 2024 could be the year when DNA storage reaches maturity with big storage players like Microsoft and Seagate delivering timelines and validating this market. Forget glass, ceramic, silicon, holograms and so many other exotic storage media; DNA is the real deal.