Netflix’s Badland Hunters movie trailer is a heady mix of earthquakes, zombies and an evil doctor

Badland Hunters is a dystopian action film from South Korean martial-arts director Heo Myung-haeng, is set in a post-earthquake Seoul where everything from skyscrapers to society have collapsed. In the chaos, a fearless huntsman sets out to rescue a teenager who has been abducted by a crazed doctor and held captive in a camp full of dangerous cultists.

That’s tough enough, but our hero Nam-san (played by the always-fantastic Don Lee of The Eternals and Train To Busan) may have bitten off more than even he can chew: as if roaming mobs of bad guys weren’t enough to deal with, it turns out that our hero also needs to battle a whole bunch of somethings that are just as deadly and considerably more dead. These ingredients (and the trailer below) mean it’s one of this year’s new Netflix movies that’s definitely got our interest.

Badlands Hunter looks like another South Korean smash