Pixel 8 Pro update makes it Google’s first AI phone – here are the 6 new features

The Pixel 8 Pro is seeing a substantial upgrade as Google is rolling out several new features to the smartphone, some of which are powered by Gemini Nano.

Recently, the tech giant launched its long-anticipated Gemini AI model to power a variety of platforms. There are three different versions of it, but the one coming to Pixel is the aforementioned Nano, which will be the driving force behind the Summarize tool on the Recorder app and Smart Reply in Gboard. The former acts exactly as its name suggests – it creates summaries for audio content saved on Recorder. It provides a quick breakdown of a conversation or presentation by highlighting key points of interest. However, it can only summarize in English. Smart Reply, on the other hand, suggests “high-quality responses” to texts befitting the current context.