SwitchBot’s new Lock Pro model makes securing your smart home easier to do

Smart home security brand SwitchBot has revealed its second smart lock, the Lock Pro, aiming to deliver more robust protection than the first model.

If you read our SwitchBot Lock review, you’ll learn that the device, while good overall, lacked many of the security features you expect to see on a smart home gadget. It’s pretty devoid of any bells and whistles. The SwitchBot Lock is, as the review put it, “the dumbest smart lock you’ve ever seen”. Plus it utilized big CR-123A lithium batteries which aren’t cheap. However, with the Lock Pro, the company updated key aspects of the previous generation, making the new model easier to use and able to play a bigger role in your smart home ecosystem.

For example, the deadbolt switch is gone, having been replaced with a twistable dial. It also doubles as a button with the Quick Key feature. Pushing it in lets you instantly lock and unlock the device. What’s more, the dial is down at the bottom making room for the battery holster above it.

SwitchBot's Lock Pro on door

(Image credit: SwitchBot)

Those bulky batteries have been kicked to the curb. In their place, homeowners will use four AA batteries. Changing them is easy to do. All you have to do is pop off the magnetic cover. No need to remove four screws anymore.