The 12 most exciting cameras of 2024, from a Fujifilm X100V successor to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

In 2023, the photo and video world was dominated by the presence of AI. From fooling judges to win photography competitions, to powering the biggest update Adobe Photoshop has received in a decade, plus the most capable autofocus systems in cameras like in 2023’s best professional camera, the Sony A7R V, AI has been the buzzword.

Wherever you stand on the influence AI has had, and is having, on photography – Leica took an anti-AI step by introducing content credentials in the Leica M11-P, and Sony is set to follow in 2024 – it’s here to stay, and it’s transforming how our cameras work. Life behind a camera will become ever easier, with new models featuring improved autofocus algorithms, better noise reduction, and smarter lens corrections.