The Samsung Galaxy S24 is another landmark photography moment – for good and bad

The Samsung Galaxy S24 is the next-gen photography companion that the Samsung Galaxy Camera promised to be 12 years ago – a rethink of what we can expect from our pocket cameras.

No longer is multi-frame processing the killer smartphone trick. Now, thanks to generative AI, phones such as the Galaxy S24 are starting to suggest complex edits and even pull them off. As TechRadar‘s former cameras editor, that prospect remains a pretty head-spinning one. A few years ago, I was reviewing compact cameras such as the Sony RX100 series – which now look about as advanced as a Kodak Brownie.

(Image credit: Samsung)

From the Galaxy S24 and Pixel 8 Pro onwards, phones won’t only be capable of automating the photo-taking process, they’ll handle the post-processing, too. To an extent, they’re already doing this – but, as our hands-on Samsung Galaxy S24 review shows, the promise of “pro-like AI edits in a snap” isn’t yet consistently delivered. “Artifacts” could become the word of the year in photography, given how big generative AI is about to become.