The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could easily replace my gaming handhelds

I’ve been obsessed with handheld game consoles since the 1990s and my first Game Boy, and while I love my Nintendo Switch it’s relatively weak. Meanwhile, the more powerful Steam Deck is too bulky and short-lived to be portable, proving that modern handheld gaming is a difficult balance to get right. 

However, salvation may have come in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.
Watching the recent Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event I noticed its impressive specs and began to wonder if my next gaming handheld should also be my next mobile phone.

I play Android games like Call of Duty: Mobile, Minecraft, and Genshin Impact on my mobile devices. And I recently bought a Retroid pocket 3+ to play both Android and emulated games, though this device runs on Android OS but has serious limitations to its CPU power.