This is what a ceramic cartridge with a 10,000TB capacity looks like – system that can store data for 5000+ years edges closer to commercialization as working archival data rack gets readied for 2024 launch

In today’s digital age, businesses and individuals are generating and accumulating more data than ever before. However, the cost and relatively short-term lifespan of existing storage methods present significant concerns. Enter Cerabyte, a startup offering a low-cost, highly resilient solution with virtually unlimited lifespan – ceramic nanolayers. 

Cerabyte likens its data storage method to the ancient Egyptians’ practice of chiseling hieroglyphs into rock and although there is still quite some way to go before the technology is widely available, the company has already transformed its initial proof of concept into a fully operational terabyte end-to-end demo system, using only commercial off-the-shelf components.