This wildly unsafe video doorbell is still for sale on Amazon – here’s what you should know

In a recently published article, Consumer Reports (CR) is warning people of a faulty video doorbell being sold on Amazon that can be easily commandeered by a total stranger.

The device itself doesn’t have a specific name as it’s sold under different brand names across multiple commerce platforms; not just Amazon. These names include Fishbot, Gemee, Luckwolf, Rakeblue, and Tuck. It doesn’t matter where or from whom you buy the doorbell since they can all be controlled by the Aiwit app which itself is owned by Chinese electronics company Eken. CR, as part of its investigation, bought the device and had a couple of staff members test its security. Needless to say, it’s really bad. All a bad actor needs to take over Eken’s product is to have Aiwit’s app installed on their smartphone. 

Bad security