Tuta becomes the first quantum-resistant email service with new hybrid protocol

As of March 11, 2024, German provider Tuta, formerly known as Tutanota, launched TutaCrypt. It’s a new hybrid protocol that combines conventional encryption and quantum-resistant algorithms. The popular secure email provider claims to be the first to offer post-quantum protections.

While quantum computers may still be far from mass usage, our data is already at risk. That’s why security firms across the board, including VPN services and messaging apps like Signal, are boosting their cryptography games in preparation for the day when quantum computers can finally crack traditional encryption methods (Q-Day). TutaCrypt is another step forward in that direction. Plus, since it’s fully open-source, anyone and everyone can check the code to verify it’s doing what it says on the tin (and nothing more or less).

The urgency of post-quantum encryption